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Honey Dippers

Honey Dippers

A hunter lover's best pal, and a very sweet gift indeed 🎁, especially the itty bitty mini dippers 🐝 Maximize your honey experience with these simple but elegant tools of our trade.

These birchwood honey dippers are a traditional time-tested cutlery designed to handle honey in your kitchen, or at your table with ease. Using honey's natural viscosity, the dipper is scooped into the honey jar and drawn out, and then slowly rotated by your fingers as you bring it over towards your toast, or tea. The designed indents in the wooden head, coupled with its barrel shape hold the honey with minimal drip... if at all to eliminate any sticky drips.

Read our World Famous (it's very popular!) blog article about the history of honey dippers, and please do let us know if you have any feedback on how we could make it more interesting and useful:

Click here to learn the ways of the dipper !

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