Comb Honey / Honeycomb


Comb honey is the traditional....well we could even call it the ancient form of consuming honey. Truly the way nature intended, honey comb is the raw comb from the hive built by the bees and in the case of the Ross Round variety, untouched by human hands!

Our cut comb honey is selected from choice frames of capped honey and  cut to tray size with varying weights.  We select the heaviest weights for your order, but as the bees determine the thickness the weight will vary slightly. 

One of the many secrets of honey is that every time it is handled in any way it will lose a portion of it's flavour. Honey in this form is as close to the way nature intended without any natural oxidization. Besides having your own bees, this is the only way to truly experience honey in its raw natural state.

Cut comb honey in the aluminum tray DOES NOT SHIP WELL. The round variety is very secure and does ship well, as the bees have actually built it themselves from right in the plastic frame, and it should not leak until you open it breaking the bees' wax seal. Unless you are picking up your order or are having this locally delivered, we strongly suggest the Round variety. This will arrive in the mail safe and secure. 

We cannot be responsible for leakage if you choose a cut comb honey tray to be shipped by mail, however we still offer as an option for those who prefer this variety.