Bulk Honey

We package bulk clover honey in plastic pails, in three, seven or fifteen kilos. What we offer is premium Manitoba honey, at a price cheaper than you will find at wholesalers, or from your current supplier.

Simply put:

Premium quality honey at excellent prices.

3 kg = $30.00
10 pound bulk in an ice cream pail = $34.00
10 pound bulk in an ice cream pail made for shipping = 37.00
7 kg = $65.00
15 kg = $120.50

Saving your containers and exchanging them on your next delivery, or supplying your own will be rewarded with further pricing discounts. This policy helps reduce petroleum-based plastics in our landfills.

We take a lot of pride, and make every effort, in producing some of the best honey that Manitoba has to offer. As you know, quality ingredients are the foundation of a fantastic dining experience. Delivery available in the city of Winnipeg. Credit terms available on request.

I hope you’ll consider us as an economical and superior quality source for your future honey needs.