Who's That Bee! Euglossa The Great

Who's That Bee! Euglossa The Great

This is a type of orchid bee. Orchid bees are a diverse group of insects that belong to the tribe (family>tribe>genus) Euglossini (pic is likely genus Euglossa), which is part of the larger bee family Apidae. These bees are known for their striking colors and unique behaviors, making them a subject of fascination for entomologists and nature enthusiasts alike. 

Based on this lovely Wikipedia article:

What do you think is most interesting about them, and/or distinguishes orchid bees from honeybees? We'll pick a winner for the grand prize, but all entrants will receive (with their next order) a honey dipper, or a seed packet, or a Mystery Prize 😱 of John's choosing! Select wisely!

How to enter? Post a comment with your email so we can deliver your prize, we can't wait to see who else out there besides us is a real buzz brain 🐝

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