About Us

I believe in purity, quality, and dedication to the art and craft of beekeeping

John Russell and his hive boxes

I choose to place my hives in places that will produce better tasting honey,
instead of just more of it.

I believe in hand processing, not automated machinery.

I believe that pasteurizing honey is a sin, an insult to nature,
and the bees that produce it.

I believe in slow drip, cold filtering, taking one’s time to get it right,
and never compromising your values to make a profit.

My name is John Russell. And when my name is on the jar, quality is on the table.


We are the John Russell Honey Company and without a doubt we produce some of the best honey in Western Canada. No small feat actually considering there are over 800 commercial producers in Manitoba alone. Are we the largest? Hardly, probably one of the smallest. So what makes us so special?

Our honey tastes better
than anyone else’s does. Period.

You see, most of the honey produced in the prairies is sold in bulk to large honey co-ops who process, blend, and pasteurize it primarily for export, and some for retail and commercial sales. During this excessively damaging process, most if not all of the natural flavour of the flora the nectar originated from is obliterated leaving only a generic sweet flavour with no body or overtones; a pale shadow of its original bouquet.

The best way to eat honey is fresh honeycomb straight out of the hive. The flavour comparison between this, and the honey you usually buy at the supermarket is quite remarkable.

Now, since you probably don’t have a hive of honeybees in your back yard, you can consider us the next best alternative. Using time-tested methods of slow cold filtering, small batch extraction, and in-hive storage, we strive to handle our honey as little as possible to ensure that farm fresh flavour. Every jar is hand filled, packed and labelled, no machinery, in small lots for superior quality control. In our other honey-related products, like our Honey Apple Breakfast Spread, or our Chocolate Flavored Honey, we use only the best ingredients like premiumΒ Fair TradeΒ cocoa and Mackintosh apples.

As a young company, we're proud of a reputation built on quality and pride, a reputation synonymous with excellence and the highest standards. Give us a try! We’re sure you’ll enjoy this taste of Manitoba sunshine as much as we enjoy bringing it to you.

128 Victoria Avenue West

Winnipeg, Manitoba R2C 1S5

Phone: 204-612-2337

E-mail: honeyb@mymts.net