About Our Honey

We have the privilege to produce some of the finest unpasteurized honey that Manitoba has to offer! Here is some info about our two main categories of honey varieties:

Pure Nectar Sources

We are very particular about where we put our bees to ensure that the best and purest nectar sources are available for them to forage. We seek out dairy pasture for its high alfalfa and clover content, and the fact that this acreage is never sprayed with insecticide or herbicides. Our wildflower comes from protected wetland territories, and our sunflower and buckwheat sources are non-GMO.

Our Flavoured Honey Blends

Local sources are given preference for our fruit varieties. Our cinnamon, cocoa, ginger, and teas are from companies with solid reputations for Fair Trade and Non Exploited/Child Labour practices.

What does "Flavoured" mean, anyway?

"Flavoured" to us means: Enhanced with top quality, pure ingredients to create variety.

Not: Dump in this chemical to make it taste different.

We don’t even like using the word flavoured. It inspires negative thoughts of imitation, metallic tasting, artificial, additives. However, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency is very rigid on its packaging protocol for honey, so for us to be able to bring our products to your table, Flavoured must sometimes be on our label.

So, how do you flavour your honey?

You don’t compromise quality. Ever. Period.

When you're starting out with the best honey in the world, you don’t go about desecrating it by adding cheap, poor quality, or God Forbid; Artificial ingredients, colour, or chemicals.