Almost There

Almost There

flowers in ice
Don't be fooled by False Spring ⛄️

Spring!!!! Nope. Spring?? Nope. How about now? Spring?


This weather is such a tease……Middle of February and it feels like it’s stuck in neutral.

Nice that it’s not freezing cold, but this sloppy crap can take a hike.

I received an email a few weeks ago from a young lady doing a school project.

“Ask the Expert” consisted of a student contacting a professional in any field at all and asking a series of questions about what they do, why they do it, and what makes it harder or easier.

After some emails back and forth and giving her the responses and input for her to complete the project, she informed me she contacted 11 people, and apparently, I’m the only one who responded.

I shook my head at that. Who brushes off the opportunity to help a child learn? To help a child with a school project? To give that young person an insight on what they do and the joys and challenges of doing it? Damn fools. That’s who.

bee mural
Vancouver Mural Festival 2019, mural by Preston Buffalo

Everything you have done for as long as you have done it, all the knowledge and experience and the skills sets? It all dies with you. They become so much as a handful of dust to everyone around you.

Don’t ever let an opportunity to pass along your experience and your wisdom to the young. Especially if they reach out for help. What we have, what we learned is all waste if we don’t, so step up!

hot chili icy mint
Icy Hot!!

Incoming Flavour Adventures 🔥🍒⛄️

TWO!!! New additions to our flavored line! Honey with Chilies joins our savory selection to takes its place alongside Dill and Garlic. Honey with Chilies is awesome on chicken wings and is fantastic in Thai and Asian dishes. Honey with Sour Cherries will be released as a limited edition before the end of February and Honey with Mint will graduate from a seasonal to a year-round selection. Follow us on social media for release announcements!

container vessel at night
(click for a larger view of this beast!)

Honey Shenanigans in January are causing a lot of alarm in the Honeyverse! 🚨

Foreign honey flooded the market with 1.1 million dollars of off shore honey. In one month. The reported purchasing cost per pound was about 44 cents CND.

That’s two and a half MILLION pounds of honey.

In an import market that is corrupt and rife with counterfeit honey (cut with sucrose, rice, and cane syrup) this is not good news for local markets.

Large packers can blend in offshore honey as long as they list the county of origin in the ingredients section of the label, but they DO NOT need to list in order of ratio. So technically 1 drum of Canadian honey per 10 drums of honey from India or China is enough to get it on your stores retail shelf. Worse, China and other countries are infamous for routing massive amounts of honey through countries like Myanmar , Tibet, Moldova, or Thailand claiming these as countries of origin.

So when you see cheap cheap honey at the store, remember that this is honey that is not from your country. Not produced by Canadian standards, not tested to Canadian standards, and not necessarily even pure honey. We won’t go into details about child labor and crops sprayed with extremely prohibited insecticides; use of unregistered antibiotics, all illegal in Canada.

Take some time to know where your food comes from. If it’s too good to be true, it usually isn’t.

red lasers
We Mean Beesness

Arming Bees with lasers. What could go wrong?

The University of Auckland’s “Photon Factory” is teaming up with their Plant and Animal Sciences department to design a laser targeting device using A.I. to target Varroa Mites. Varroa mites are the bane of bees (no joke) causing massive damage and making them susceptible to hosts of viruses and secondary problems. Defeating them is the holy grail of bee research, and has been for decades.

Armed with a million dollar grant from the Ministry of Business Innovation and Technology. They hope to complete research in the next two years – and potentially roll out the project in five.

Artificial Intelligence, Honey Bee hive mind working models, and Laser beams. You KNOW this will be a movie script in six months…..

happy snowman

Like the groundhog, I’m looking out the window and seeing 6 more weeks of this 🌨💩

I’m going back to bed.

John Russell

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