Cat And Dogs

Cat And Dogs

rainy clouds over farm field

Summer? Well that's what the calendar said but with all the wet weather and some pretty chilly days one wonders.

Funny enough, this intermittent rain / sun / more rain cycle is pretty good for the bees, but really not good for the seed and grain farmers.

Lots and lots of late, poorly seeded or fallow fields in my neck of the woods and lots of hay to cut with the ground too soft to drive on.

So less bee forage in terms of canola, but more forage in alfalfa and clover so far. This means less honey but better quality for the first extraction.

clover close up

As for sunflower and buckwheat: Time will tell as the weather turns on a dime these days and predicting anything long term just seem to make me look silly.

As I write this the clover is blooming, some really early alfalfa and Vetch, and linden trees are looking to bloom in a week to 10 days. I'd love to haul in some linden honey this year as the last five years it's been too hot and dry for a good nectar flow. I'll keep you posted!

haskap honey

We are locking down some local Haskap berries to bring back that popular offering for the end of the month. Keep your eyes peeled on our social media for announcements to be the first in line!

Sour Manitoba Cherry will also return, but with them just starting to get a bit of color it will be a while yet.

bumble bee and purple flower

It's a slow start for bumble bee rescues this summer. Only three so far, but as July progresses they will become more numerous in population and thus noticeable.

Try to coexist as they will be finished in October: please don't spray our bumbly friends? They are crucial to our eco system and really are pretty docile.

If they are a nuisance, give me a call! I can help to safely move them.

gardening scene

A shout out to St. Mary's Nursery & Garden Centre, ( 2901 St Mary's Rd ) who are now carrying our honey in the gift shop area! They have an excellent greenhouse and a neat side store to explore. Come check them out!

Naturalize the boulevards?

What a simple but amazing idea! The City Centre Community Committee is recommending the public service do a 180-day pilot project to naturalize Winnipeg boulevards.

This would entail planting pollinator friendly plants on public boulevard's that would significantly cut city costs compared to upkeep on carefully manicured grass, and do a world of good for wild pollinators on a meaningful scale visible for us all to appreciate on our drive.

Cheaper AND better for us all? No brainer! 🀯 You can read the CTV scoop right here

panda the cat staring out window

Panda, our official mascot cat is hesitating signing her new contract after the we adopted a dog that was in need of rescue.

She's holding out for a significant treat increase and a pound of nip. This one looks to go to arbitration after the July 15th deadline.

Jealousy does not flatter you, Panda......just saying.

beautiful dog

Warm regards,

John Russell

john and dog

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