A New John Russell Tradition

A New John Russell Tradition

Christmas relief means many things to many people. For the more privileged of us, it means quick and easy shopping. A simple solution for the smaller gifts needed for those on your Christmas list.

The kids' teachers, the letter carrier, the daycare workers, or the neighbour that shovels your walk. Gifts of food are always appreciated and, year after year, a lot of our customers buy a mixed case of honey to hand out as gifts of appreciation to those who make a difference in their day to day routines.

For a lot more people, Christmas relief is a hope and a necessity as, without community support, Christmas will not arrive. No turkeys, no presents, and no excitement on a child's face (where there certainly ought to be at least one morning out of the year!)

This season, give the gifts of hope and honey to those who may be less fortunate than yourself. Our special Christmas Relief Mixed Case is priced a little higher, with 5.00 from every case sold donated directly to the Christmas Cheer Board and matched with an additional 5.00 contribution from John Russell.

Every Christmas Relief Mixed Case sold will bring 10.00 to the Christmas Cheer Board to help a needy family's Christmas become a reality and not a disappointment.

This is the season for giving, and the need is great. Starting November 21st of this and every year to come, help us spread a little Christmas Cheer! Curbside pickup is available, as well as delivery options to bring your honey directly to your door.

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