Breakfast Hacks ☕️

Breakfast Hacks ☕️

You're in a hurry: what's a healthy breakfast option that will check all your boxes, jump start your day and keep your energy levels high to the next meal?

For millenia, the Americas have enjoyed the "food of the gods" otherwise known as Cacao: a food with incredible versatility and flavour best known to the larger world as the primary ingredient in Chocolate 🍫

Cacao Nibs

Simply cacao beans broken into smaller chunks, this is a normal part of the process of producing chocolate since broken down like this it's possible to simply use air flow to "blow away" the unused skin of the beans: once the dried bean is broken down into pieces, the skin readily comes off and is easily blown away.

A source of tremendous nourishment, cacao in its whole form contains a vast array of nutrients and beneficial phytochemical that the human body can make use of, and in particular it contains a good amount of fat which is utterly essential for the body to be able to function effectively, and also some good old dietary fibre! As for sugars, there is none, but we're getting to that 🍯

How To

It's always a delicate balance that must be struck according to your own personal preferences, however the general idea is to combine your nibs with honey and enjoy with a spoon straight, use as a topping on ice cream or other desserts, and leverage the energy and nourishment in this very simple combination to make your breakfast easier, faster and, critically, deliciouser™️.

If you want to take this experience for a taste drive first or get as a gift for a chocolate loving friend, may we humbly offer our own special blend:

cacao infused honey

Lastly, for a quick and easy toast spread or even consumed straight for an effortless dose of energy as you catapult out the door in the morning:

Honey Butter

Needs no introduction, having been popular throughout history due to its ease of production and extremely satisfying flavour profile resulting from an almost "holy" union of high quality butter, honey and just a pinch of salt which is usually already present in butter.

If it's your first time, carefully heat up some butter to melting and then blend in some fine, scrumptious liquid honey mixing well. Taste test extensively to find the right balance, we expect you'll find the results to your liking 👌

Prepare as much as you dare have sitting around and stow it in the fridge ready to go for the next day whether eating with a spoon or in your wake up cup of coffee to get your energy levels moving 🚂

Stay tuned for our future buttery plans, and please send us your feedback on the above we would be ecstatic to hear about what you've been cooking up ❤️

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