June Contest: Who's that Bee?


Correctly guessΒ the names of the bees in the pictures below, and the entry with the most correct answers wins a cool T-Shirt, 1 Kilo of Honey, and a Gift Certificate! Prizes for 2nd and 3rd place will also be awarded, and for everyone else who wins you get a honey dipper and some handy honey sticks with your next order!

Hints are provided, and let Google be your friend.


Winners are welcome to pick up their prizes at our shop or if willing to pay for delivery / shipping we will be happy to send them directly to you!

Send in your guess to: honeyb@mymts.net  🐝


Dark bee with red upper hairs.
Number #1Β  Hint: Loves being underground, Relates to the Seven Dwarves, Shovels 16 Tonnes, but whadda ya get?
Dark bee on orange flower.Number #2:Β Nuts, Crazy, a sandwich short of a picnic, elevator doesn't go to the top floor, not quite right in the head.
Two bees facing together on branch.
NumberΒ #3Β  Hint: Works with wood. Loves Home Depot. Favorite song: "If I had a hammer"
Orange bee on purple flower.
Number #4Β  Hint: No wood for this guy, he prefers brick. Hangs out down at the lodge. Mixes his own mortar.
Black and yellow bee on lavender flower.
Number #5Β  Hint: Bombastic and distinctiveΒ hind quarters. A little clumsy, but gets the job done.
Bee flying toward white flower.
ο»ΏNumber #6Β ο»Ώ Hint: Sounds like Jerry Seinfeld. Was hired by Cheerios. Makes the best honey in the world, if she works for John.
Dark bee close up.
Number #7Β  Hint: Puts holes in my roses. Best pattie stacker in on the planet. Prefers alfalfa, and lives alone, but with a thousand neighbors.
Bee covered in pollen on yellow flower.
Number #8Β  Hint: Dripping wet from the heat. Needs a towel. Goes through 6 shirts a day.
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Number #9Β  Hint: Most expensive bee ever. Can't make honey. Sleeps too much, but not at the same time you do.