Social Media Highlights (And More!)

Fun image of a person with socks on, in grass and with flowers stuck into their socks.
Becoming buds with bees.

This time since we've been posting on social media a little bit less through May, we put together some of the highlights but also some bonus content for you our dear readers. Don't be shy about letting us know what you think!

World Bee Day

Close up on a honeybee with pollen in her hairs.

May 20th of each year marks this increasingly important day to honour the contributions of one famous painter and beekeeper named Anton JanΕ‘a (read the article on Wikipedia here). While the country he was born in no longer exists, his dedication to his crafts echo on and we celebrate in his memory not only his hard work but the hard work of the billions and billions of busy little bees who enrich our lives and the many, many other lives living on this globe of ours.

Simply Irresistible II

Violent carpenter bee on lavender flower.

We couldn't help but notice you guys noticing our violet carpenter bee pics, so here's yet another shot of this astonishingly 🐝utiful buzz machine.

DIY Beeswax Wrap Kits!

Colourful beeswax wraps.
Viktoriia did an amazing job putting together a brilliant little video on how to use these. Beeswax wraps are a fun way to have reusable packaging for around the house, in the office or on the trail. We offer these for purchase pre made (click here!) and as well, we provide the DIY kits for purchase here so that you can build these solo or have some quality time with others learning about beeswax crafting!

View her handy instructional video here on Facebook

Buzzy Blog Bzznzz 🐝

Our little website has grown in size over time, and some of you may have forgotten we have a blog (as well as a recipes section!) We're very proud of the work that went into the following two recent article from May, please take a gander if intrigued ❀️ Click either of the images or links below to view:

The Season Of Swarming

It's that time of year! John Russell goes through what this means for the bees, and as well what it means for the general public!


  • Bee and humans face similar problems as the family grows in size
  • The successor queens face a violent transition
  • Talk to a beekeeper if you see a swarm!

Beeswax Minding 2: Mind Harder!

A deep dive into the origins, properties and uses of beeswax.


  • "Beeswax is the original organic food storage system and to produce just a pound of wax, bees need to ingest 6 – 8 pounds of honey! It is estimated that bees need to visit 2 million flowers to produce a single pound of beeswax."
  • "The chemistry of the wax varies between genera and species of bees. Beeswax from A. mellifera, or the western honeybee consists of over 300 different compounds."
  • "Beeswax is frequently used in lip balm since it is all natural, easy to make and very soothing. Make it yourself using high quality beeswax with 1 part beeswax to 2 parts coconut oil by weight."

Just A Bit Left

Honeybee landing on purple crocus flower.

As we exit spring and head into summer, another crocus shot to remind us of how this magic all gets started. Pay close attention to the "saddlebags" on this honeybee where she has carefully and securely attached compacted pollen and nectar which, as it gets bigger and bigger, can approach nearly 50% of a bee's total weight! She will fly this back to her family so that the hive may continue to survive and grow 🐝

John Russell writes:

The first flowering plant in Manitoba is the crocus. Although usually not plentiful enough to sustain an emerging colony, these blooms provide the first forage, and incite seasonal triggers to increase population for the blooms to come. When you see this, you know willow, maple and dandelion are a mere few weeks away!

We Want YOU! πŸ‘‰

Honeybee on pink echinacea flower.

Are you an aspiring photographer thirsting to capture astonishing moments for us all to marvel at? Are you a complete amateur and you simply had your phone in hand and were able to catch something cool at the right angle to impress yourself a little bit? These little buzz makers are beautiful it can't be denied, if you (or someone you know!) have a pic you'd like to have featured whether a bee, butterfly πŸ¦‹ a moth, a flower or whatever you think might fit in with our motley little crew, don't hesitate to let us know about it we'd love to take a look! Email or find our contact page here!

Are you looking for inspiration? Easy! Here are some fantastic examples for your consideration:

And of course, a very special thank you to Friend of the Hive Jim Campbell for providing us such fantastic material to work with in the service of helping raise awareness around the importance and beauty of pollinators ❀️

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