Summertime Fireside

No summertime blues here!

This has been an off kilter summer weather-wise with cooler nights and some pretty violent thundershowers, but the average rainfall in our area has been good. Sweet clover has had a great year, and every farmer I've talked to hasbeen pretty upbeat for the anticipated results of the season.
The bees are healthy, my students are all on track, and "knocks on wood...." this is shaping up to be a decent year. Hope springs eternal, but it's nice to see a good summer after a not so great spring.

Lots of bumble bee rescues this summer! Very nice to see folks calling in to save them instead of reaching for the insecticide. The media really loves to play up the woes of the honeybee, but realize that is because it touches on known quantifiers of food security and agriculture yields and income. The unsung heros: Wild Pollinators, are not cared for by dedicated human efforts aside from outmatched conservationists. Biodiversity is just as important to human survival in out environment as anything else. Wild pollinators like the bumblebee family are crucially important for pollinating as much as honeybees and protecting the un-championed wild and native pollinators is something we all need to keep in focus. A big thank you to Poulins, Able, and Combat pest control for being on boards and calling us when honeybees and bumblebees are the source of nuisance calls. We have been very busy rescuing and relocating swarms and bumblebees all summer, and appreciate their sensitivity to preserving their existence. Call us if you need information or advice on this subject, or to help identify what you are seeing to help choose a plan of action.

Fresh honey is now coming in, and new flavors are going to be popping up! A spring bloom pure nectar honey will be packaged and available mid August, and as well as a Manitoba Sour Cherry and a Honeysuckle berry (AKA: Haskap berry) so keep your eyes on our social media (insert twitter/insta/facebook here) for when these become available. Like us, follow us, or sign up for our newsletter to keep in touch, as these will be limited production and when they are gone.....they are gone.

Save The Date! The Manitoba Food Fest at the St, Norberts Art Center is on September 17th! We will be there in all our glory to sample our some of our favorite honey to the public.

MB Food Fest | Winnipeg Event, Showcasing Made In Manitoba Food + Beverage
MB Food Fest showcases and supports Manitoba's best in food and beverage development. This sampling and shopping outdoor event is held In Winnipeg catering to foodies with sips, samples and shopping.
for more info and to obtain tickets.

The only way to shut up a beekeeper is to run out of coffee. ( Gonna make that into a T-Shirt....) Have a question about bees? Want to get ahold of a list of bee-friendly plants? Want to adopt some bumblebees?
I make it a point to be available to the public to help out and educate when there is a need. My personal phone number and email is on every jar of honey we package. If you ever want to chat bees, have a question, and concern, or a compliment please reach out to me. It would be a pleasure to make your acquaintance!

Well, back into the suit, back to the fields and time to wrangle bees!
Enjoy the rest of the summer!

Warm regards,

John Russell