A Personal Appeal

football helmet

Not everyone is a huge sports fan, but I hope what we can all appreciate is that when young people come together to strive for something bigger than themselves and face down challenges and losses, they learn some incredibly useful things about not just their own abilities and responsibilities, but also about their place in the world in general.

When the opportunity to run a short fundraiser with the Wolfpack came up to help them pay for basic equipment and gas expenses to compete against other teams in the Western Women's Canadian Football League, we were all in on this one (read more about our fundraiser programs here).

Every year, people across our province spend their valuable time and energy getting out and raising funds for extremely important causes, we can all think of many. Harvest, animal rescues, shelters, schools fundraising for basic classroom supplies, people in need of walking canes and hearing aids. The truth is, they're all important, they all matter. Those of us in a position to support these causes do what we can for the ones that matter to us personally, and somehow we pull through this together.

Female athletics programs have historically seen a funding shortfall, and there are many reasons for this. We'd like to see this change, and if we can be a small part of that change, we're right there. If we can do something to help these young people learn about what their limits are and aren't, learn about team spirit and what it means to function together as a single unit and experience situations that require extreme dedication to succeed, this is something we believe will benefit them for the rest of their lives. If they have a lot of fun in the process, that's not so bad either!

And so, a personal appeal, if this type of fundraiser is of interest to you, please consider supporting by adding their Wolfpack fundraiser token product to your cart with your next order before the fundraiser wraps up on the weekend of April 5th. Fundraiser orders do not receive coins, and are not eligible for other types of promotional discounts, so you're effectively giving your savings to the Wolfpack so that they can get out there and kick some butt for our little city.

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