A Very Sweet Egg Hunt 🐰

Contest Rules

  • one attempt per customer
  • To win, simply find all 6 Easter eggs on the site and click on them to be linked to a different page containing a line from a poem and a clue for the next egg πŸ₯š The poem line will have a single word in bold so that it stands out from the others. Send us all six words bees@honeyb.ca, that's it!

Contest Is Still Going! πŸš€

Much to our amazement, less than an hour after the issue had been sent out in April 2023, the very talented Mr. Rico had completed the puzzle with his family and received his gift basket prize.

For all who complete the egg hunt while it's active in April 2024 (please select either this contest or the Who's That Bee 🐝 contest), here's the deets:

  • First winner to email us gets their choice of 300 buzz coins OR 150 coins and our signature John Russell Honey t shirt with their next order ❀️
  • All other winners are runners ups and receive 30 Buzz Coins added to their customer account, Thank You For Playing!! πŸ‘


  • You're looking for eggs, these should be pretty obvious and easy to see on the page you find them on (they will be in several colours), scroll through the page to spot!
  • To find the first egg, follow the bunny emoji (look for 🐰 or πŸ‡) on the main issue 6 newsletter page (you can click on that emoji!)
  • Alternatively, solve this riddle for a clue as to on which page the one of the eggs might be: With the mighty roar and bloom of this flower, let springtime commence and the bees begin their work in earnest.
  • Always remember that eggs, like honey, are nature's perfect products!
  • The final egg in the sequence leads back to the first, it's circular βšͺ
  • Still need a clue? Give us a ring why don't you! 204-612-2337


We love hearing from you, so please do let us know if this contest was too complicated or too easy. We're always looking for ways to entertain and delight our customers, so don't be shy about letting us know of any ideas you might have!