All Natural Aphrodisiacs Taste Better: A Song of Chocolate and Honey

Traditionally, honey has been considered an aphrodisiac ever since (mad and/or starving) humans began robbing the bees of their sweet, sweet treasures. The typical sheer difficulty of obtaining the honey, and the inherent danger of bee stings significantly elevates this as an early human courtship gift.

One willing to sweat and suffer to impress the significant other usually comes off as impressive. Better than the standard chunk of fruit at least! The word honeymoon stems from the anticipation of a sweet union, and since mead came before wine, we can probably assume much was quaffed at nuptial feasts. Both boron, which the body uses in regulating certain hormones, and nitric oxide which is released into the blood on arousal, are found in honey, so it's possible that there may be some scientific truth to the folklore after all.

Chocolate is the reigning king of most hearts when St. Valentine's Day comes around, and it has its own rich aphrodisiac lore. Montezuma was said to have consumed 50 cups of chocolate to sustain his reputation among his wives, and Casanova was also a known consumer of chocolate to fuel his romantic endeavors. What makes chocolate so passion inducing? Phenethylamine and tryptophan according to research with the former released in our brains when we fall in love, and the latter helping produce serotonin which is a mood elevator, and assists in arousal.

So what happens when you combine these two absolutely magical and romantic ingredients with your St. Valentine's hopes and dreams? With some creative application, our fan favourites Honey with Chocolate and Honey with Chocolate and Bananas can tip the scales in your favour. Easily added into a romantic dinner dessert, or as a flavourful sweetener to that coffee at the end of a meal, or for non culinary usage (that I’ll leave to your own ingenuity!)

Browse our Valentine's selections for options to satisfy your heart's desire, and although we cannot guarantee results (the current science on aphrodisiacs overall is still very tentative), when courting your own personal king or queen (or Ace for that matter!) of hearts ❀️, it never hurts to stack the deck with some time tested flavours that are never gonna let you down.