Checkout Codes Explained


Checkout codes are unique codes also known as "discount codes" on our platform as well as "coupon codes" on others (but are not exclusively used for discounts), sometimes containing both numbers and letters, that you can enter while you are at the checkout stage of the ordering process. Sometimes these are used to provide customer discounts, freebies, etc (and other types of useful things such as tracking orders placed toward fundraisers!)

example 1: SPRINGSALE

example 2: HONEY4EVER

Note that in general, if the code is enclosed in quotation marks such as "DISCOUNTCODE", you would omit the quotation marks when entering the code.

In our case, capitalization does not matter, so entering "springsale" at checkout would work just as well as "SPRINGSALE" if we were to use that code. If the code exists and is available for use, there will be a label indicating which code has been applied to your order. For now, we only allow one checkout code to be used per order.

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