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Fundraising can be a monumental and stressful task for those involved in keeping money available for extracurricular activities.Β There is a lot of pressure on schools and sports teams to β€œfind a way” for outings, tournaments, band trips, or even the necessities of equipment and uniforms. Parents are bombarded with fundraising appeals and enticing support becomes more challenging for the organizers.

Honey fundraising, and other natural products have become the new alternative to coupon books, chocolate almonds, bricks of cheese or pizzas as those items can be purchased at the grocery store at a better price. Everyone uses honey, drinks tea and the movement to chemical free lotions and non-synthetic products is on the rise.

Now without a doubt, we produce some of the best unprocessed, unpasteurized, farm-fresh honey you will find in Manitoba. With our careful selection of handcrafted locally sourced products, we are offering some great fundraising ideas.

Our honey is packed in unique glass jars with color glossy labels and is very popular for gifts in the holiday season. The product line is unique, the packaging is very attractive and the product sells very easily.

For families that consume more than a little honey, we have our pure honeys in a larger 1 kilogram size, and 3 kilogram pails! All of our favorite natural flavored honeys including lemon, pumpkin spice, strawberry and cream cinnamon are available. Heritage hand poured Beeswax Candles and blocks, Bee Pollen, and wooden Honey Dippers round out our sections for this season. We have a signup sheet with larger visuals and descriptions to your parents and families that are supporting your cause. There is an 11 inch, and a larger print 14inch size to choose from when photocopying. Both copy and print crisply in black & white or full color, and a Master Sheet is included to help in compiling your organizations orders for easier submissions.


jars of liquid honey
Everyone loves honey: on toast, in tea and for baking!


Here’s How We Can Help Your Organization Raise Funds

We provide sign up/product sheets for your volunteers to pass around to family, friends, co-workers and other supporters of your organization.Β Money is collected immediately and after a time frame or cutoff date of your choosing (usually two weeks) you tabulate the sheets to form an order. The order is sent to us and we deliver it to you for distribution to your supporters in about one week’s time, (plus or minus a day or two depending on the size of the order).

There Is NO Minimum Order Required!! No fundraiser too small!!

Your organization makes about $1.00 per jar or item for your cause, and more on larger ticket items. Gift certificate sales earn you 10% so if you have 45 students or team members, and each individual sells 12 of any item your fundraising drive will have generated over $500.00.

There is no minimum commitment or Penalties! And no Cash is required up front! Zero Risk and Flexible Too!!

You are invoiced only for what is pre-sold, so you will have collected the money before any payment is due.

All of our most popular nectars and flavoured honey blends are included in the program

Available nectar honey varieties are: Plain Liquid or Creamed Honey, Wildflower, and Sunflower.

We have over 20 flavors of honey including: Chocolate, Lemon, Honey Dill, Maple, Mango, Saskatoon, Ginger, Espresso, Mixed Berry, Strawberry, Creamed Cinnamon, Pumpkin Spice, and many more! All blended with real fruit or spices! No artificial anything!

Product Your cost You Charge Your profit
375g Flavored / Pure Honey 6.65 7.70 1.05
Beeswax Wrap Kit 8.50 10.00 1.50
1 Kilo Pure Nectar Honey 14.00 15.00 1.00
Lotion bars (4oz) 5.50 6.50 1.00
Lip balm (30g) 4.25 5.25 1.00
Beard oil (30ml) 6.00 7.00 1.00
Queen Bee Soap (80g) 4.25 5.25 1.00
All Beeswax Candles 6.00 7.00 1.00
Honey Dippers 2.50 3.50 1.00
500g Buckwheat Honey 9.00 10.00 1.00
1lb Beeswax Block 10.00 11.00 1.00
200g Beeswax Block 5.00 6.25 1.25
3 Kilo Honey Pail 37.00 40.00 3.00
Bee Pollen (175g) 8.50 9.50 1.00
Wildflower Seed Packets 1.00 1.50 0.50
Taster Basket 23.95 28.95 5.00

All gift card sales provide you with a 10% profit.