Corporate and Celebratory Favours

four hikers celebrating a climb

Celebrate, Congratulate, Appreciate

From trade shows, to class graduations. From family reunions, to team building conferences. Small gifts or gestures are a great way to commemorate an event, help make staff feel valued, or build a brand.

Gifts of food are appreciated, rarely wasted and well received because they are useful and hold value to everyone.

Our little honey jars will be on counters and in cupboards for weeks, reminding your recipients with every cup of tea, and every slice of toast. Honey does not spoil, so people that could not be reached can be presented with one at the next opportunity or event, and extra units can be repurposed.

We offer an elegant and economical choice that fits flexibly in a very wide variety of business and family situations. Starting at only $3.75 per unit for most varieties, you can make these gestures in a meaningful and positive way, and still be comfortably within your budget. And there is no tax on honey!

Variety is never an issue at the John Russell Honey Company. With 5 pure Manitoba nectar sources, plus our specialty infusions, and more than 20 naturally flavoured honeys, we can fill your jars with anything we produce, and in any combination you wish! Pair the variety with the colour or theme of your event! The options are endless.

Included in the price is a customized gold foil label in black lettering (alternative options are available) with your event, or your brand logo and a personalized message of thanks, a commemorative date, or a motto. If desired, we are also able to provide professionally designed print options at cost.

Looking for something more upscale or personal? Check out our gifts section, here you can view examples of how we might craft your specialty basket or gift crate so that you can send an extra strong message of appreciation.

We would be delighted to help you design an ideal gift for any situation. Please feel free to call us directly at 204-612-2337 or email us to set up a no obligation consultation with our friendly staff, we'd love to hear from you!