Gift Card Fundraisers 🎁

Popcorn and candy displayed to look like a megaphone in action.

Fundraisers Should Be Fun

By far the simplest fundraiser option available, our gift card fundraising program allows you to run a quick and easy fundraiser, ensuring a rapid boost to resources for your important cause. Whether it's a school band trip, helping someone facing major life obstacles, or raising money to support local animal shelters: we can provide options that require substantially less effort and resources than more traditional methods 🍯

We offer two easy options:

Sign Up Sheets

We provide sign up sheets so that you can receive supporter contact details when they provide payment, and we will send a gift card directly to their email address (for those supporters preferring to not use email, other options are available!)

Buy Online

We can create a custom gift card item in our online shop just for your fundraiser, complete with your branding and a description of your cause. For supporters, it's as simple as ordering, and then the gift card is immediately sent to their email address for them to use at their convenience.

Both of these options can be combined so that you maximize the ways in which the community can support you! The most important people in a fundraiser are the supporters, so we want to make signing up as easy as possible by giving them a fast and simple way to support your cause, while at the same time providing for their own families.

While fundraiser gift cards cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions and discounts such as Buzz Club membership checkout codes, we will go the distance in making sure that supporters can easily use their gift cards to purchase our fantastic local, Manitoban honey as well as our many other sustainably sourced products that not only make amazing gift items, but also help support the environment by not being shipped across the ocean since we make them ourselves right here at home!

We've been running fundraisers a long time and we fully appreciate the monumental effort required to organize and plan fundraising efforts when there is so much else happening at once. Let us offload some of the work involved with this easy solution to an important problem, get in touch by phone/text at 204-612-2337 or by emailing to get started and help us help you make a difference.

Download Supporter Sign Up Sheet (pdf)