Online Fundraisers 🎁

Popcorn and candy displayed to look like a megaphone in action.

Fundraisers Should Be Fun

By far the simplest fundraiser option available, our online fundraising program allows you to run a quick and easy fundraiser, ensuring a rapid boost to resources for your important cause. Whether it's a school band trip, helping someone facing major life obstacles, or raising money to support local animal shelters and rescues: we can provide options that require much less effort and resources than more traditional methods 🍯

Our online option is highly customizable and adaptable to your needs, and it can literally be as easy as us providing you with a short link to share with your supporters who can support your cause with just a few clicks. Once orders are in you receive your portion of the sales and your supporters receive their items!

We do provide the shipping and local delivery options as well as pickup at our store location, and it is also possible to set up a fundraiser specific site for pickup to help your supporters avoid needing to pay for shipping/delivery.

Our current fundraiser rate is 12%, in order to remain competitive with other honey suppliers, we strictly keep our product prices as low as possible. While higher margins can be achieved via coffee mugs and similar, we find that our fundraisers achieve fantastic results because honey is delicious and popular, and we consistently produce an outstanding taste by using all natural ingredients πŸ“πŸ‹

We've been running fundraisers a long, long time and we completely appreciate the monumental effort required to organize and plan fundraising efforts when there is so much else happening at once. Let us offload some of the work involved with this easy solution to a big problem that faces many very important causes, get in touch by phone or text at 204-612-2337 or by emailing to get started and help us help you make a difference.