Highlights Reel No. 9

Inside a bee hive.
Inside the hive... more pics below!

We wouldn't normally advocate for being glued to social media, but WOW people have been busy this year! There's a lot we could talk about. For starters, Bodie found himself a home thanks to Steinbach & Area Animal Rescue, billions of beautiful buzzer pics (Ed Phillips never stops πŸ‘Œ), the 3rd annual Manitoba Food Fest is a go and we're very very excited to see you all there this year, and let's not neglect to mention our beloved Transcona BIZ markets which provide small, independent and local makers the important opportunity to show off a bit and meet some of you in person! Of course there's more, just take a look why don't you 🐝

Fundraising Fundraising FUNDRAISING! Everywhere, everywhen, there are critical causes that require attention, and there are always people hard at work trying to achieve just that. We present for you, two very important (and very mutually aligned) causes here in Manitoba that are always worthy of attention.

Following along on social media, you may have noticed that we ran a 2 week fundraiser with Steinbach & Area Animal Rescue, it was short and sweet and we had a blast getting to know how they operate and thanks to the tremendous efforts of Carey the Education and Events Coordinator, we were able to receive your very generous shows of support and play a small role in the work that they do. Please support!

Not to be outdone here in Winnipeg where the need is massive, Craig Street Cats has been hard at work for a very long time trying to literally herd cats into places of warmth and love and away from the lives of human abandonement and neglect that has ended so many. Visit their support page here for their contact info, how to get involved, and how to send them the funds attached to our usual Buzz Club discount and direct your savings to the paws that need it!

Some of you may know, possibly just by guessing from the quality of our flavoured blends, that John Russell knows his way around a kitchen and we have a little, oft overlooked section on our website set aside for interesting recipes that we want to share with you all. This month, a special shout out to Anne C. (fan of cooking, crafts, cats and dogs 🐢) for not just browsing the recipes, but also for helping us improve that section with some tips! We welcome any and all hints as to what could make it better, and if you have a fun recipe that you'd like to see there, we would love to hear more ❀️

Buzzy POVs

BEE-ing Apis! (Beeing Apis), brilliant cartoonist/writer has been knocking our socks off on the regular with amazing art and humour that really hits the spot for us, it's not clear that anyone else in the world is doing what they do on this level! So impressed are we, that we cannot contain ourselves and with the generous permission of the artist, we provide a peek below into what they've been working on. Please check out their Facebook page here to like and follow, there's just something about having a voice for the bee's perspective that seems very important in current times 🐝

Cartoon with bee pretending to be a beekeeping using a flower as a hood.

September 17 MB Food Fest!

Manitoba Food Fest, providing sensory delights to our tastebuds for its third year and delivered to you on a silver platter by the herculean efforts of Sherry and Shawn (read more about this powerhouse of a team on their website!), please do get your tickets early and make it out to the St. Norbert Arts Centre this year, the Ruins are a sight to behold and this is truly a unique way to take them in πŸ‘Œ Find ticket ordering info on their website right here!

Bee Pics Of Course

Motley crews, have we got one for you this time, behold our carefully chosen selection of buzzers below for a peek into a world which never ceases to amaze us in its depth, beauty and ingenuity:

Bees inside hive close up.
Housekeeping bees keep the interior clean and tidy and help store nectar and pollen.
Bees on comb close up.
Honey and nectar will be moved around many times before utilized. Workers drain and fill cells to resupply the brood nest, and to consolidate resources when the nectar flow is slow.
Honeybees swarming on frame close up.
Field bees transfer nectar to house bees upon landing. This reduces the time spent at home and gets them back into the field to collect more nectar.
Close up of dark metallic bee with something attached to its head.
This blue mason is a solitary bee, and is one of the bee species that can be housed in your backyard! (no, that's not an alien on the head as far as we know πŸ‘½)
Close up of dark with with reddish hairs.
This is a miner bee. You will find them in your garden bed in groups of small holes in the ground. They are harmless, good pollinators, and are only around for a few weeks.
Orchid bee approaching red flower.
Ah, orchid bees ❀️
Black and orange bee close up.
Sporty πŸ”₯
Very dark bee close up on flower.
Bumblebees can pollinate flowers other species cant. Their size and strength allows them to muscle πŸ’ͺ into deep bell shaped flowers, and they can fly in rougher and colder weather.
Extreme closeup of bee on purple flower.
Pollen will "jump" onto a visiting honey bees' hair via static electricity! The bee then combs her body with her back legs and compacts the pollen into little built in "saddle bags".
Close up of honeybee on flower with large saddlebag.
Dandelions are a very important food source for pollinators in the spring! Please think before you spray!!!
Close up of black and white coloured bee perched on a leaf.
I honestly don't know what the hell this one is. Do you? Send me the answer and get some free candles!

We Want YOU! πŸ‘‰

Honeybee on pink echinacea flower.

Are you an aspiring photographer thirsting to capture astonishing moments for us all to marvel at? Are you a complete amateur and you simply had your phone in hand and were able to catch something cool at the right angle to impress yourself a little bit? These little buzz makers are beautiful it can't be denied, if you (or someone you know!) have a pic you'd like to have featured whether a bee, butterfly πŸ¦‹ a moth, a flower or whatever you think might fit in (or even better stand out) with our content, don't hesitate to let us know about it we'd love to take a look! Email honeyb@mymts.net or find our contact page here!

Are you looking for inspiration? Easy! Here are some fantastic examples for your consideration:

And of course, a very special thank you to Friend of the Hive Jim Campbell for providing us such fantastic material to work with in the service of helping raise awareness around the importance and beauty of pollinators ❀️

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