MYJC Work Project 2024 πŸ’–

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We are very proud to partner with eligible organizations on a new and exciting pilot work program designed for youth seeking to learn valuable skills and gain on the job experience.

This program not only allows youth the opportunity to expand their skills and abilities, but also fosters critical learning outside of the classroom in preparation for competing in the labour market:

  • public speaking
  • math and finance
  • sales experience
  • entrepreneurship
  • pollinator awareness
  • teamwork and leadership
  • social media as a practical tool

How To Support

One simple rule friends: Add this item to your cart, then let us know who your order is in support of, and get buzzy! 🐝

This is a free ✨ token item we are using to track orders placed in support of the MYJC Work Program and as well to let us know where you would like your order routed to 🚚

Click "Add to cart", once this is done, simply close the cart menu and proceed to add items to your order from the collection below 🍯

Please consider the following list when supporting this program:

  • 4 and 6 packs: $6 and $10 profit respectively
  • 3kg honey pails: $8 profit per
  • candle pack: $10 profit per
  • bath pack: $8 profit per
  • pollinator pack: $10 profit per

Important Note! While orders are not eligible for other promotions such as Buzz Coin, in addition to the profit from the collections below, in general everything else sitewide nets a 12% profit for the program and this includes nectar honeys 🌻 bulk honey 🍯 honey blends πŸ‹ specialty honeys 🌢 bath items 🧼 candles πŸ•― other beeswax delights 🐝 and more! πŸš€

Questions? Call 204 612 2337

Thank You For Your Support!! ❀️