Spring Bees On The Loose!

Well! Look at this excited bee buzzing with springtime energy:


If you're seeing what we're seeing, then you're set to participate in the great March Madness bee search on honeyb.ca!

Contest Rules

  • one attempt per customer
  • screenshot an animated (i.e. moving rather than stationary like this fine fellow who should appear as very still indeed: 🐝) bee emoji on any page other than this page, with a clear view of which page the bee has been spotted on (so we know where you saw it!)
  • alternatively, if it's easier we're just as happy if you write out in your email on which page you spotted your bee and where, whichever method works best for you!
  • the first person to email us per the contest rules wins the grand prize: a John Russell Honey t shirt and a $10 discount with their next order! The winner will be announced on our facebook page
  • the next 5 successful site slueths will win a secondary "runner up" prize of a John Russell Honey t shirt, as well as be announced on facebook for their valiant efforts in helping us keep track of all these wandering bees!
  • for the remainder of March 2023, any other successful entrants will receive a handy discount code for their next order 🍯 Don't be shy, give it a try!


  • 6 bees is all that's needed to enter, no more and no less
  • "collect" them all, don't shun them, "collect"... "shun"... :)
  • as already noted, the bee on this page does not count, she is simply there to provide an example of what to look for
  • if using a screenshot (rather than listing the locations of the spottings), please take care to take a larger screenshot so that we can easily identify where you found your busy bee, this will help us process contest entrants much more easily!
  • there are more than 6 in total scattered throughout the website, you shouldn't need to examine each and every single corner but there is a bit of challenge involved in order to keep it interesting for contestants ⭐️