Wedding Favours

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Planning a wedding is a monumental task with an overwhelming amount of details, choices, and selections that all need to come together perfectly.




Wedding favours are gifts: small traditional tokens of appreciation from the happy couple to commemorate the celebration and to thank them for being a part it. The choices are endless. Printed glassware, drink cozies, boxes of matches, playing cards, small bottles of perfume…. even golf balls! It's one of those elements on a wedding day that makes a statement, but can also be a considerable expense especially when for a large number of attendees.


Small jars of honey have become quite a popular choice for wedding favours, and it's not hard to see why.





Honey at weddings is a timeless historical tradition dating back to Ancient Egyptian times, where a groom will provide twenty-four "hins" (32 pounds) of honey.


In Ancient Greece and Rome, honeybees were associated with the god of love, Eros (aka: Cupid).


Honey and the bees that make it are an apt example for marriage as teamwork and working unceasingly for each other’s goals are all that bees do!

Unlike other wedding favours, honey has the advantage of sticking around for a while (pun intended). Gifts of food are always appreciated, and rarely wasted. The little honey jar will be on counters and in cupboards for weeks, reminding your friends and family the joy and happiness of the day. Honey does not spoil, so guests that could not attend can be presented your gift when shown pictures of your ceremony and reception.

Last but not least, it's an elegant but economical choice as well. Starting at $3.75 per unit for most varieties, you can procure an inexpensive but well-received favour that frees up some room in the budget for endless other things on your planning lists. ( And there is no tax on honey! )

Variety? Not an issue! With 5 pure nectar sources, our specialty infusions, and more than 20 naturally flavoured honeys we can fill your jars with anything we produce, and in any combination you wish! Pair the variety with the colour or theme of your wedding! Anything is possible.


Included in the price is a customized gold foil label in black lettering. This includes both names, the date of the wedding, and there is also a line to add a saying, or proverb, or a line of poetry.


three wedding favour jars of honey



Something along the lines of...

"Thank you for sharing our special day"

"Meant to Bee together"

"Love as Sweet as Honey"

"Thank you for celebrating with us!"

... or whatever your imagination comes up with.



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We can also provide custom honey baskets for head table gifts to suit all budgets.

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