Seed Packets: How To Use?

Bumble bee working on flower and covered in pollen.
Mmm delicious flower nectar

"If you plant it, they will come" 🐝

We know a lot of people may not have "green thumbs", so we thought we'd put together a short instructional on how to achieve optimal results with your seed packets.

When And Where

In a partially shady location, in early spring but after risk of frost has past.

Bring These

  • Wildflower seed packets πŸ’
  • Spray bottle with water or similar
  • Gardening gloves (optional)
  • Rake or similar tool for loosening soil (optional)

Plant The Seeds!

  • Clear leaf debris and clutter and loosen the soil two inches with a rake, or your fingers. A couple of square feet will do per envelope. Gently smooth the soil but don't compress.
  • Evenly scatter the seeds from your packet over the area. Gently rake to distribute.
  • Water immediately after planting with a fine spray, but not enough for puddles to form.
  • Keep the patch moist until seedlings are well established. Water periodically as needed to keep seedlings happy 🌱

Treat Yourself To Some Honey

Pollinators send their thanks! Remember that these plants are "seed machines" that will help repopulate the local area with more wildflowers, and this type of planting activity benefits not just the birds, butterflies and bees, but also everyone else who depends on a clean and healthy environment including us ❀️