Be The Squids Fundraiser

Welcome to our fundraiser for The Squids!

To participate, simply choose your options below and add to cart, it's that beeasy! 🐝

Support Level

  • $6 per item fundraiser profit for 4 packs
  • $10 per item fundraiser profit for 6 packs
  • All levels include 12% fundraiser profit on other eligible products (pretty much everything sitewide including honeys, candles, soaps, bee pollen, skin cream, take a peek at our collections!)
  • If purchasing multiple and different types, update your choices each time you add the product to your cart
  • To maximize fundraiser profit, orders not eligible for other promotions such as discounts and Buzz Coins
  • Don't hesitate to contact us for help we'd love to hear from you! 204 612 2337

Pack Select

  • We offer 8 different options with 4 included honey varieties each
  • If supporting with the 6 pack (Thank You!!) you get to choose two additional flavours (or go with defaults liquid and creamed!)

Tea Lovers: for all you tea aficionados! (placeholder photo)

berry four pack
  • creamed lemon
  • pure liquid 🍯
  • creamed ginger
  • creamed mint

Chef's Kiss: πŸ₯°πŸ‘Œ

chefs kiss four pack
  • creamed garlic πŸ§„
  • creamed dill
  • chilies
  • maple 🍁

MB Berry Bundle: celebrate the outdoors!

berry four pack
  • creamed saskatoons
  • creamed strawberries πŸ“
  • creamed raspberries
  • creamed blueberries

Fruit Favs: the perfect fruity balance 🀀 (placeholder photo)

harvest four pack
  • lemon πŸ‹
  • blueberries
  • apple breakfast spread 🍎
  • mixed berries

Harvest Honeys: nature's bounty in a jar!

harvest four pack
  • creamed cinnamon
  • creamed ginger
  • creamed pumpkin spice πŸŽƒ
  • apple breakfast spread

Nectar Pack: our most treasured nectar honeys ✨

nectar four pack
  • sunflower honey 🌻
  • wildflower honey
  • liquid honey
  • buckwheat honey πŸ’—

Fruit Basket: for the discriminating fruit connoisseur

fruit basket four pack
  • creamed mixed berries
  • creamed strawberry rhubarb
  • creamed mango πŸ₯­
  • creamed oranges

Dusk 'Til Dawn: all you need πŸ‘

dusk til dawn four pack
  • chocolate honey 🍫
  • vanilla honey
  • creamed honey
  • creamed banana and choco 😍

Pickup Location

How to get your order? Three easy options:

  1. πŸ† Pick up at the official Fundraiser Site Pickup on the designated day and time
  2. 🚚 Purchase shipping or delivery at checkout
  3. 🐝 We'll hold your order for you when you come visit us at 128 Victoria Ave West!

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