Beeswax Hand and Body Cream


All organic, this blend of select oils and beeswax is lightly scented with real vanilla. Although initially slightly oily, this luxurious cream absorbs incredibly quickly to moisturize all parts of the body, hands and face. No slick residue, or tacky feeling to the touch.

Long lasting and reparative, John Russell's body cream prevents dry chapped skin, and leaves skin silky smooth and protected from those long dry winter days. An excellent counter to the parching hand sanitizer creates, this local and handmade product is guaranteed to outperform your current moisturizer in quality and performance.

Two sizes are packaged in a small footprint, eco-friendly, all natural beeswax pot. This beautiful low packaging product takes care of you and the environment. We do have a 100% recyclable glass pot for the traditionalists as well.

Two sizes to choose from: our 75g Queen bee pot or the Glass pot and a 30g compact pot!