Helping the Helpers

The cost of food is becoming atrocious. The blame, whether it be corporate greed, climate change, cost of transportation, it doesn’t change the fact that we all are paying more and getting less every time we shop for groceries.

Honey is no exception. Reduced production due to heavy bee losses coupled with rampaging fuel and container costs are hitting honey prices with extra intensity. Is honey becoming a luxury item? People can buy cheaper sweeteners after all, and it becomes more palatable when you are trying to find savings by any means possible. We can only hope that our customers will continue to come to us when they are able, and beginning this month we are introducing our new Buzz Club for those subscribed to our newsletter to provide extra savings where possible and help those that want to shop local and avoid refined products continue to do so.

I can’t imagine how people who are in a fixed income bracket are getting by these days. Food banks are rapidly becoming overwhelmed by the growing need in the many needy communities, and people who generously give are finding that they need to give less, or not at all, as their disposable income continues to shrink.

In the lean times, we need to remember that as much as we are cutting costs and reducing our spending, there are those who may be going to bed hungry so that their kids don’t have to. Now more than ever we need to try to support each other and those who are struggling. Every small amount adds up, and collectively we can "help the helpers", like Harvest Manitoba (previously called Winnipeg Harvest: external link) meet the now surging demand of people struggling to put food on the table.

Over the past year we have offered our Manitoba Community Support Mixed Case option, where a total of 15.00 from the sale of each case goes towards supporting Harvest Manitoba, and now we are also adding a donation button to our checkout page for everyone to lend a helping hand.

So if you can spare even just a dollar, know that is going to help someone, somewhere have just little bit more on their plate.

It’s easy to forget those in need when your own pockets are no longer as full as they once were, but we can still share a bit of what we do have to ease the burden of those who have less.

Thank you for helping others,

John Russell