The Buzz: Issue 1

Bees congregating on hive box.
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This Month's Features:

Butternut Squash Soup!

A recipe of the month to help us get through the cooler weather.

A Tale of Two Hives

A real life account of hive survival direct from a beekeeper.

Helping the Helpers

More ways to support those who need it.

November Fireside with John Russell

John Russell's regular State of the Hive.

New Products!

A collection featuring some of the latest and greatest.

The Buzz Club

Extra savings for our subscribers!


Crafts & Cocktails (external link)

  • Come and meet us at this evening event happening in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Club Regent Casino November 24th!

Author: "How Digital Technology Is Helping Decode the Sounds of Nature" (external link)

  • Robot bees can do the waggle dance!

Study: "First-ever study shows bumble bees β€˜play’" (external link)

  • This one may surprise many.

Research Paper: "Honeybee combs: how the circular cells transform into rounded hexagons" (external link)

  • The science and engineering behind the honey.

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