John Russell Online Fundraisers: How It Works

For organizations with many hands available, we find that our traditional paper fundraisers can generate fantastic results, however we also recognize that many charities and organizations are currently looking for a more hands off and passive fundraising method.

By combining our online platform with our many years of experience organizing local community fundraisers, we've crafted a system that is both easy to use, and provides a source of income completely scalable to the amount of time and effort available.

Getting Started

To start out, we learn about your unique fundraising needs, and then we design a customized fundraiser landing page on our website around your branding and content so that supporters know they're in the right place. This page provides a perfect opportunity to explain why your fundraiser is important, as well as showcase content that supporters will find meaningful and exciting.

Simplified Process

Several tools and options are available depending on how involved you want to be in the process. It can be as easy as a link to share on social media: once a supporter follows the link to your landing page, they see an explanation of the program and which purchases they can make to support your cause. For example, our most popular option is a direct 10% sitewide rate on supporter sales, this keeps the program simple for everyone involved and provides you income on every sale you bring in!

If you have any questions about our fundraisers and how our hardworking bees can help you and your cause, while also providing your supporters with a delicious and healthy alternative to refined products, please call directly at 204-612-2337 or send us an email. We are always ready to talk honey, and how it can work for you!