The Buzz Issue 9: Summertime Buzzedness 💓

A group of beehives lines up under a shady treeline in high summer.
Shade is an important factor in choosing a location for your bees. The more effort required to keep the hive cool means less honey produced. 

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🐝 Issue 9 Content

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Featured Article: Got Bumble Problems?

What do you do when an endangered species moves into your space? Read up on how to deal with bumble bees when they become a problematic house guest! We've relocated 8 nests this year, and counting!

Summertime Fireside with John Russell

John Russell's regular State of the Hive: Includes an update on how the bees are faring, odds and ends pertaining to the beekeeping industry, plus my unasked for opinions. (It's my newsletter, darn it.)

A Gaggle of Questions!

Ask me anything about bees and honey! They say I'm a know-it-all so lets prove them right! Why do bees make so much honey if they don't eat it? Can bees sense if you are scared? Why do vegans not eat honey? Why does smoke calm bees? Why are bees better than people? 

Highlights Reel 🎞

We showcase some of our recent social media stuff in case you missed 🎺 PLUS Bonus Content including news about what other stuff we've been up to and of course some stunning pictures of BEES!

Find That Bee 🐝 (and win prizes!)

Can you find the Queen bee in this picture? Print it, circle the queen and come down to the shop! We'll add a free honey dipper and a 150g jar of honey to your pick up order we'll even throw in three pure beeswax sheet, hand rolled candles from our friends at the Carpathia Candle Company! Look for the big long butt. Click here to view, she's there somewhere!

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Honey Bears 🐻

John's been busy in the fields, but of course also in the kitchen labouring to delight honey you honey lovers out there! Inspired by a custom order, we have a limited edition run of Creamed Lemon and Lavender Honey Bears! This summer treat is only available in a limited amount, so first come first served!

Buzzy Merch

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News and Miscellany


    Bees are inside my walls! Worse, they don't pay rent! Why they are there, and what should you do?                                                                                    (click here for the article at

    • Swarms can set up shop in the weirdest places.
    • Co-existing is great, but 80 thousand house guests is a bit much.
    • Will this cause damage, and if so how much?
    • What the hell do I do now????.
    • How to prevent this from happening to you!


    A Queens Journey: The development and differences between the ladies in the hive (click here for the article at Life with Bees!)

    • The most important member, the Queen ensures the entire hives survival.
    • The key difference that defines a queen over a worker is royal jelly.
    • A detailed account of the stages of development from egg to emergence..


    Half of the U.S. bees died last year. What does the future bring?               (Click to read the article at

    • Another very poor winter for American beekeepers.
    • Expect shortages of honey in North america this fall.
    • Despite all the adversity,. beekeepers are working hard to hold colony numbers to sustainable levels.
    • Reduction of pollinators may equate smaller yields in many crops.

    Did You Know?: Bumble Bees Need Love too!

    • As summer progresses, bumble bee nests become discovered as their population grows.
    • Bumble bees are not very aggressive, but can cause anxiety if pets and children are felt at risk.
    • Relocating bumblebee nests is easily done, with minimal stress or mortality to the bees,
    • Every saved colony can procreate over a dozen new queens for next years season.
    • Bumblebees are endangered and should be protected at all costs. Extermination should be a very last resort.
    • The season for bumblebees ends in mid to late October. The next will be abandoned and can be cleaned up to prevent new colonies from being established. If you can wait them out, the problem resolves itself.
    • Or: Call a beekeeper!  We remove and relocate bumblebees for a small fee that goes towards conservation efforts and public education on the importance of wild pollinators. 
    • Email John Russell at for more information on the lifecycle of bumblebees, or call him anytime with any questions you may have!  204-612-2337

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