The Buzz Issue 11: Spooktober Edition 😱

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Happy Halloween!

Does this fun and mischief bear any significance in the beekeeper world? Find out!

Super Spooky Fireside with John Russell

John Russell's regular State of the Hive:Β Includes an update on how the bees are faring, odds and ends pertaining to the beekeeping industry, plus my unasked for opinions. (It's my newsletter, darn it.)

Lemon Ginger Tea!

It's that time of year, to make it extra delicious and boost your immune, we present a simple recipe anyone can make!

Bees In Space!

No Halloween would be complete without a visit to outer space!

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    Science and Tech

    BBC: Farmers turn to tech as bees struggle to pollinate

    • American bees are responsible for three quarters of fruits, nuts and veg grown in the country with similar numbers in other parts of the world
    • Due to various issues facing the world and particularly bees, their populations are struggling and technology must be developed in order to sustain our food production
    • As mentioned in this issue's fireside, "bee farming" is big business and has ethical questions of its own to answer
    • - We are particularly interested in your thoughts on this subject, please write in!

    Bugged by a wasp or thirty this summer? You're not alone! Check out this House Digest article on the matter on their site

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