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Voodoo Waxboy Deluxe (Extra Spooky Edition πŸ‘»)

Voodoo Waxboy Deluxe (Extra Spooky Edition πŸ‘»)

Ready to make your Halloween πŸŽƒ extra spOOOOooky? Grab a Voodoo Waxboy Deluxe and light the way πŸ•― Packed with all natural beeswax, this Halloween-themed candle is perfect for decorating, gifting, and adding a touch of the occult to your haunt. Make it a night to remember!Β  πŸƒπŸ˜±Β 

Note: Voodoo Waxboy is NOT to be confused with Valentinoℒ️ Your Date Night Assistant our very different and distinct beeswax candle item that is totally a separate product and not the exactly the same at all. Nope! Waxboy contains organic eye-of-newt and pure toad extract.

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