Donate to the Pollination Foundation!

The Pollination Foundation is a local Manitoba project aimed at generating the public resources required to protect and provide for our pollinators.

Focusing on grass roots initiatives from within local communities, we provide presentations, pollinator friendly plant lists, mentoring for novice beekeepers, mason bee start ups, and pollinator garden planning.

Our bumble bee rescue initiative saved over 20 colonies in 2022 with successful transplants, and numerous honey bee swarms were captured preventing them from establishing potential nuisance colonies (where destruction of the colony would be the only option). Your donation goes toward deferring expenses and fuel costs to very literally "save the bees" who would otherwise be destroyed, and to assist in the publication of literature to help build awareness around this issue.

If you are personally interested in any of these services, need advice in harbouring pollinators in your greenspace, or would like to arrange a presentation for your community organization please contact us at 204-612-2337 or through our contact page here.

Thank you for your support!