Spring Fling

Welcome to the party—the Spring Fling! This sweet bundle of honey comb and honeybear is the perfect way to sweeten up the season. Make your spring the bee's knees with this delightful deliciousness! #YUM!

Spring Blossom 500g:

Spring blossom honey is one of the first extracted honeys of the season. A blend of apple, dandelion, plumb, saskatoon and other spring blooms makes a unique and delicately-flavoured favourite.

Adorable Honey Bear Fella:

Submitted for your approval: The Limited Run  Lemon Lavender Honey Bear! This one-of-a-kind, limited edition bear comes armed with a super cute honey dipper and dreams of becoming part of our all star flavored honey lineup. Manitoba culinary grade lavender blended in perfect ratio with our creamed lemon honey by Honey Master Faryn. Come see what the Buzz is about!