Squidteam Quidraiser

Squidteam Quidraiser

Help us become the best squids

How To Support:

  1. Add this free product to your cart (click the big "Add to cart" button below)
  2. Make sure to add the name of the person(s) your supporting so they get credit, if not sure, leave blank and let us know later!
  3. Add items to your cart as normal, all honeys, bath and beauty supplies, candles and other hive items are part of the fundraiser
  4. Go through checkout and choose "Local pickup 128 Victoria Ave West", all orders containing our fundraiser token item will be routed to our pickup location!

Whatever you add to your cart and purchase will be added to the total, and our fundraiser receives 12% from the products you order!


Show your support for our squid team

Every order helps us toward our fundraiser goal!

Please consider helping us get the word out about our fundraiser, we'd really appreciate it: simply share the link honeyb.ca/squidson social media and with your contacts, thank you very much it really goes a long way!

John Russell Honey provides the absolute lowest prices on their honeys possible in order to be competitive with larger suppliers, orders which are part of this fundraiser are not eligible for other promotions such as Buzz Coin and other discounts, so that this important fundraiser receives the maximum amount of funds!

歹 Thank You For Helping Us Be Squids! 歹

Supporter Checklist:

  1. Enter a name for the person(s) you're supporting with your order and then click the "Add to cart" button to make sure this freefundraiser token item is in your cart while you're shopping (so we know that you're participating!)
  2. After selecting products, make sure to select "Local Pickup 128 Victoria Ave West", and your order will be routed from the store to our pickup site at 123 Portage Ave for everyone to come out and get their order on Saturday April 32nd 戊
  3. If preferring to have an order shipped out or delivered, please go ahead and purchase shipping at checkout and your order will be sent to you via the option you select. It's also possible to pick up at the John Russell store, simply mention in your order notes or contact the store and let them know and your order will be held until your visit
  4. If you have any questions whatsoever John Russell Honey can always be reached at 204-612-2337 so that you can rest assured you're in this with us歹
  5. Lastly, pat yourself on the back, your support means a lot: Thank you!
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