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Smashing the court for 5 YEARS!! 🏐πŸ₯³πŸŽ‰

To support our team's efforts in this fundraiser, simply add this free product to your cart by clicking the big "Add to cart" button, and then purchase anything on the site! Whatever you add to your cart and purchase at checkout will be added to our team's fundraiser total, and the fundraiser receives 12% from the products you order!

As well, for anyone willing and able to help us get the word out about our team's efforts in our fundraiser, we'd really appreciate it: simply share the link on social media and with your contacts, thank you very much it really goes a long way!

Lastly, please note that since John Russell Honey provides the absolute lowest prices on their honeys possible in order to remain competitive with larger scale suppliers, orders which are part of this fundraiser are not eligible for other promotions such as Buzz Club discounts so that our fundraiser can receive the maximum amount of funds for our efforts!

πŸ† Thank You For Helping Us Compete! πŸ†

Click here to go back to the top to make sure this fundraiser item is in your cart while you're shopping so we know that you're participating, if you have any questions whatsoever John Russell Honey can always be reached at 204-612-2337 so that you can rest assured that your support goes directly to us, thanks so much ❀️